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Introducing… Fansta 4.0

A lot of things have changed, here’s a rundown of the updates we made.

1. Five Links in Navigation Tab

We added a Dashboard page where you can view your account rating, earnings, and more. An Inbox page where you can view your messages, An Orders page where you can see your orders and a Services page where you can see your services; the previous Profile page link has been updated to show your profile picture now on both larger and smaller screen devices.

2. Jobs have moved to Orders Page

Previously, you could access your Jobs on the second navigation link; now, Jobs are now called Campaigns and have moved to the Orders Page.

3. One click to switch to Business

You don’t have to jump to the domain business.fansta.co to register as a business anymore; from your settings, scroll to “Switch as a Business” if you an influencer and then voila! You are now a Business and can now partner with influencers.

4. Favorites

As a business, you now have the opportunity to save whomever you want to partner with for maybe a later time with favorites. Simply click on the bookmark icon from the influencer’s profile page, and just like that, they are now in your favorites.

5. Cryptocurrency as another payout option

We added cryptocurrency to our payout methods. This is to in order to foster a global gateway payment which simply cannot be achieved using PayPal alone.

6. $25 Referral program

We added a referral program that gives $25 for every verified user you refer to Fansta using your referral code. Your referral code can be gotten from your dashboard.

7. Logo change

We have changed our logo from our stack of horizontal lines to a refined version of our logo; Our logo is derived from the letter “F” decoupled.


Today marks the day we launch Fansta 4.0; that serves the main goal of getting brands to partner with influencers, influencers to partner with brands, and influencers to engage with their fans.

Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸

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